Bord Stua Lau

7,500 kr

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Jesus Gasca, the founder of STUA, has created this new design: Lau, a wooden table with the aim to become a timeless design.

The singularity of this design comes from its details: a slight inclination of the legs with a smooth & curved connection to the table top.
Hence making this table unique where legs and top flow in a fluid way.

This restrained design embodies Jesus Gasca’s design principles: simplicity & timelessness.

Lau finns i följande

Storlekar Ø 90 cm, Ø 100 cm, Ø 110 cm och Ø 120 cm

Träslag Ask, Vitbetsad ask, gråbetsad ask och svartbetsad ask

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Ask, Ask gråbetsad, Ask svart betsad, Ask vitbetsad

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Ø100cm, Ø110cm, Ø120cm, Ø90cm